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Routine dental exams and cleanings are at the core of maintaining your natural teeth for a lifetime. My father was a dentist, and I remember as a teen him telling me that the Mayo Clinic had estimated that the difference in lifespan between people who kept their natural teeth vs. those who lost their teeth was approximately 10 years longer for those who kept their teeth. Now there are many reasons for this, but from my 30-plus years of experience as a dentist I can certainly say that good dental health is often related to a person’s overall health. Furthermore, I would estimate that 95% of all dental disease is preventable, and prevention starts with regular dental exams and cleanings.

On a new patient’s exam we start with a health history so we can account for many different health concerns. We take blood pressure, and do an oral cancer exam. X-rays are generally taken to detect bone loss around teeth and/or dental decay between the teeth. Also included is a thorough periodontal (gum disease) assessment, and all the teeth are checked for dental decay, fractures, or other abnormalities. A review of the bite and TMJ (jaw joint) is also part of the exam. We do many of the same things on a routine six-month exam as well, because prevention and early detection of problems creates the healthiest mouths.

The point to all this is to “individually” monitor each patient’s needs. Honestly, you cannot make one size fit all when it comes to providing great dental care for patients. Everyone is unique, both in their personality, and their specific dental needs. We are all about one-on-one dental care that is specifically tailored around your needs, and desires. Giving the best to every patient is our number one goal. You are unique and we treat you that way.

Dental exams are really designed to determine what is going on in your mouth. We go to great measures to accurately inform you with tools like a large digital display in each room to show you your digital x-rays, and with high-definition intra-oral cameras we can show you visually just what concerns we might have. Good communication is the key to helping you, and we use some really great technology to do this very well.

The largest key to keeping healthy teeth is regular dental cleanings. The duration between visits varies widely as some people really need a cleaning every three months, because the development rate of calculus (tartar) on the teeth is very rapid, and if it is not taken care of it will result in gum disease and tooth loss. Others may have a very slow rate of tarter build-up on the teeth and longer recalls work just fine. Some people are also decay prone and their decay develops rapidly, and again shorter recalls are needed to stop things before they destroy a tooth. Others may never have decay. The point is people vary widely in their needs and we treat everyone according to their individual needs.

At Colorado Precision Dentistry we also offer a second opinion appointment at no charge, just in case you want verification of something you heard at another office. We are all about being the best at what we do, and we want all people to feel free to use us to gain knowledge about their dental concerns. Whether you come in as a new patient, or simply for an opinion visit, you will find us genuinely personable and highly informative.


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