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Are you looking to enhance your facial aesthetics in Highlands Ranch? Nobody is more of an expert at facial anatomy than our doctors here at Colorado Precision Dentistry! We invite you to schedule a consultation with our dental office by calling (303) 481-0565. During your first appointment, we will conduct a gentle examination and ask questions in order to understand the full extent of your desires and how they are impacting you on a daily basis. We can then provide BOTOX® (botulinum toxin) and dermal fillers quickly and efficiently at this visit, or give you an estimate to make a second visit for treatment.

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Understanding Botulinum Toxin (Botox, Xeomin)

We want you to be confident in trusting us with your professional facial esthetics. Botox and its competitor, Xeomin, are botulinum toxins found in nature that are developed to specifically and locally affect the contraction of muscles. When a muscle contracts, its fibers overlap, causing bunching of the muscle and when spasming or contracting too hard, can cause wrinkles in the skin as well as cause the firing of pain sensors if contracted too hard. As a Botox dentist, we use the finest most painless needles to inject micro amounts of this into the muscle layer. The Botox does not travel through your bloodstream, but rather binds to the muscle fibers and weakens their contraction, effectively smoothing the skin for a period of three to four months. Botox can also “train” your muscles to not make that repetitive motion (squinting, flexing, clenching) and over time lessen the wrinkling effect of the muscles. Botox can also decrease pain signals, diminishing pain from clenching jaw muscles and tension headaches. This is how Botox was discovered to decrease wrinkles - it was used as migraine pain relief first! Botox and Xeomin are nearly interchangeable, and you can request either if you have a preference. Are you looking for a Botox dentist to help relieve your facial pain as well as have a cosmetic makeover? We treat areas such as lip wrinkles, forehead wrinkles, eye smile lines, lip flip, eyebrow lifts, gummy smile, and more! Don’t hesitate to call us at our Highlands ranch dental office to make an appointment! (303) 481-0565

Understanding Dermal Fillers (Juvederm, Restylane, Belotero, Voluma, etc.)

What better way to gain some of that youthful volume and contours than coming to your cosmetic dentist, an expert in facial anatomy, for your facial esthetics needs? Here at our Highlands Ranch office, we not only provide Botox to diminish your wrinkles, but we provide dermal filler to plump back up areas that have lost their youthful appearance! Dermal filler is made from Hyaluronic Acid beads, which are inserted into the deep layer of your skin, and provide volume replacement that mimics your own natural Hyaluronic acid! This filler lasts anywhere from 4-18 months, depending on the type and consistency. Have you ever wanted to frame your smile with perfect, full, natural lips? If you’ve ever wanted to get your lips done, but are scared it will not appear natural, we have perfect starter fillers that just appear to “hydrate” the lips! Have you wanted to spoil yourself for getting that dental checkup with a self-care birthday present? Have you followed the trending “lip-flip” and “eye-brow lifts” that are popular today? We are up to date on all the most recent cosmetic enhancements and can use filler to augment areas such as lips, cheeks, jaw bone, deep wrinkles, and more. Call us at our Highlands ranch office today to make an appointment, and we can talk about what your goals are for facial rejuvenation. (303) 481-0565

At our Highlands Ranch dental office, we provide Botox and Fillers quickly and painlessly. You can even get this procedure done at one of your recare cleaning appointments! Call ahead and let us know, and we would be delighted to provide you with cosmetic Botox, Botox for TMJ, filler for lips, cheeks, and more! If you’re looking for an easy, non-invasive cosmetic facial rejuvenation, don’t hesitate to call the experts in facial anatomy, your local Highlands Ranch cosmetic dentist at Colorado Precision Dentistry at (303) 481-0565 to consult and receive this treatment today!

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