A Look at 3 Teeth Straightening Options

Posted on: February 10, 2021

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Looking into your teeth straightening options? There are a few different types of straightening options available nowadays due to advances in dental technology. When it comes to which option someone should choose, they can get advice from a general dentist. Read on to find out more about three popular teeth straightening options.

Can general dentists straighten teeth?

Wondering if general dentists can offer their patients teeth straighteningsservices? Yes, they can. Many dental offices are able to offer some teeth straightening services. The general dentists who do decide to offer their patients this type of dental service will undergo additional training, giving them the instruction they need to offer any number of straightening services.

3 Traditional teeth straightening options

Traditional braces are an option in which dentists place dental brackets on a patient's teeth and then connect those brackets together using special dental wire. Traditional braces work when a dentist periodically tightens the wires, which in turn places pressure on the brackets, allowing the teeth to be slowly directed into their correct positions. The list below includes three teeth straightening options that are considered to be traditional.

1. Metal

Traditional metal braces are the braces that most people are very familiar with, as they are very noticeable when being worn. They are very strong and sturdy and while they are most often chosen by teenagers for teeth straightening, adults are choosing this traditional option, as well. New advances in dental technology now allow those who choose to wear metal braces the option to make their brackets a different color, making metal braces more fun to wear.

2. Ceramic

Traditional ceramic braces work the same way as some metal braces, but instead of using metal brackets, this option uses ceramic brackets. The benefit that comes with choosing to wear ceramic braces is that they are made to match the color of one’s natural teeth, making them much less noticeable when being worn. The wires can also be made in a neutral or clear color, making the braces even less noticeable.

3. Lingual

Traditional lingual braces work the same way as the two traditional braces options above, except for the fact that they are placed on the backside of the teeth. Also known as incognito braces, this option is chosen by those who would rather remain more discreet when it comes to wearing braces. The fact that there are certain requirements in place that make someone a good candidate for lingual braces makes it necessary for those who are interested in this teeth straightening option to first make a consultation appointment with an experienced dentist.

Ready for a straighter smile?

While there are many different types of straightening options to choose from these days, many people are still choosing traditional teeth straightening options. Because it tends to take anywhere between 12 months and 36 months for someone to have their teeth straightened, making a consultation appointment for detailed information is the next step.

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